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Olivia's featured image

Introduction to: Olivia Bossert

We love the new imagery Olivia has created for us in the Health club, so we thought we would introduce her to you on the blog…


What was it that made you want to become a photographer?

I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was 15. Growing up I’d always been obsessed with fashion magazines and photos, but it didn’t occur to me till quite late that I could actually be a photographer if I wanted to. I discovered at 15, and the huge, young and vibrant community it had. I got very involved with Flickr, and I stole my parent’s DSLR, teaching myself how to use it thanks to blogs and YouTube videos. I’ve never really stopped taking photos since! I then went onto study Fashion Photography at Falmouth University, which was an amazing three years of going into much more depth about the imagery that I wanted to create.



We love the photography you created for us, as a member of the health Club how did you find trying to capture our spirit through your photography?

Thank you so much! I love St Michaels, and I’ve been a member of the Health Club for years, so being asked to capture imagery for the gym was a huge honour. Working with Matt was great, as he was so excited about the project, and had so many ideas. We worked with the employees of the health club to set scenes and show off the spirit of the whole club. Although, my favourite images involve the health club members who so kindly let me photograph them during their classes. The ladies who attend the aqua gym classes on a weekly basis are particularly inspiring, and were so much fun to photograph! One of my favourite parts of my job is being able to connect with people, hear their stories, and capture them in a way that they may not expect. Being able to do that for a place that I love so much, like St Michaels, is as good as it gets.



What’s your favourite class / workout to do here?

I’ve been attending personal training sessions with Stephen Owen for over a year now, and they’re the best session I have. It’s really hard work because there’s literally no where you can hide, but I’ve felt myself grow in strength, fitness and confidence vastly in the past year. Steve introduced me to boxing, which I never thought I would enjoy, but it’s become my favourite form of activity. I’m quite a shy and quiet person, so the fact that I enjoy hitting the pads so hard is quite funny! As well as my one on one sessions, I attend the Box HIIT classes, which are brilliant as they’re so quick, yet so tough. I also spin at least once a week; it’s a really exhausting workout, but I love the “club like” atmosphere in the spin studio.



I moved from Geneva, Switzerland to study in Falmouth. I’d grown up hearing stories about how beautiful Cornwall was, so when I heard of a university by the sea in this magical place that I’d heard so much about, it seemed perfect. I came for an open day, and knew it was where I wanted to study. After four years of living here for uni, I just wasn’t ready to leave. I met my boyfriend, Tom, during the last year of my degree, so he was definitely a big factor in me staying, but more than that, I grew so attached to the town, the sea, the landscape of the area, that I just couldn’t pull myself away… and I still can’t. Falmouth continues to inspire me daily.



What’s your favourite workout track?

Anything fast paced and upbeat. I’m pretty cliché when it comes to my workout music, but most of the time I tend to listen to dance music. At the moment, I’ve got “False Alarm” by Matoma and Becky Hill on repeat!


Find more of Olivia’s work here.

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