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How to set up your spin bike

This week we’ve asked Trev to take us through a step by step guide on how to set up a spin bike properly. It’s important for your workout and health to make sure that your bike is set up correctly so follow this guide to help you out!

Seat at hip height

Firstly ensure that your seat is at hip height

Twist Knob

To do this use the knob at the back of the bike to loosen and tighten the seat

Handle bar height

Ensure that the handlebars are at a comfortable height for you when sitting on the seat by loosening them and dropping or rising to the desired height


Get onto the bike to test weather the seat and handlebars are correct for you – your leg shouldn’t lock at the bottom of the cycle and you shouldn’t feel as if you are stretching or hunching to reach the handlebars. Remember – you can always hop off to change the settings again!

WATCH trev talk you through the set up HERE

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