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Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell workouts are are really great way to burn fat and tone up really fast. Here our instructor, Mike, shows us how to ensure you’re safely getting the most from your workout.

Kettlebell swing start

Start with feet shoulder width apart, hips back and knees slightly bent. Keep your arms extended.

Kettlebell swing 2

Swing the kettlebell by squeezing your glutes as you thrust your hips forward allowing the kettlebell to swing without pulling it with your arms.

Kettlebell swing raised

As the kettlebell reaches shoulder height keep your abs and glutes tight.

Kettlebell swing lowering

Allow the kettlebell to swing back, slightly bending your knees.

Kettlebell swing end

As the kettlebell passes through your legs hips draw back ready for the next rep, with maximum power.


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