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Introduction to WeSup stand up paddleboarding Centre

We’re so excited to be working with Sean and the crew from WeSup down on Gylly beach. We wanted to share the good news, so went down to ask them a bit about Paddleboarding in Cornwall and why Falmouth is just so great for it…


WeSUP is a super affordable, safe and inclusive SUP activity centre that lends you a truly unique opportunity to access the beautiful ocean in Falmouth. We offer beginner group lessons, private lessons, equipment rental, guided tours and Club WeSUP which is an amazingly vibrant community of local paddlers who pay a yearly subscription to use our kit whenever they like and take part in our really exciting rosta of club activities.

WeSUP actually stands for ‘We Stand Up Paddleboard’ and in fact that is all we do! It has been our mission to inspire generations old and new on the wonders of our sensational sport and demonstrate its supreme accessibility and its many facets. We believe that everyone can and should stand up paddleboard. Whether for mindfulness, fitness, relaxation, exploration, friendship forming or family time, this unique activity takes away almost all personal limitations and puts you in a sublime environment where you can take things in at your own pace.


Everyone’s heard of cornwall being good for surfing, but why is Falmouth so good to paddleboard?

Haha! Mostly because there is no surf in Falmouth! We have absolutely stunning sheltered, turquoise waters which are calm and free from dangerous rips tides and under currents. Our majestic stretch of the Cornish coastline offers an immensely inviting and addictive allure to even the least confident sea goers. Plus there is so much to see and engage with whilst you Stand Up Paddleboard in Falmouth. We have lush surrounding wilderness, historic fortresses and ever changing seascapes. Not to mention the wildlife, whether we are talking about the diving sea birds, the curious marine mammals or the bewildering variety of plant life we see below as we glide over our vibrant natural reef, seemingly walking on water.


Why did you start Wesup on Gylly beach?

I started WeSUP on Gylly to escape my crazy London lifestyle but I didn’t want to escape the cultural diversity that my city life gave me. I’d been responsible for booking live music at Gylly Beach Café for years and so I had a huge affection for the beach and the people who gravitated to it. But nobody was doing anything about the incredible opportunity for community leisure on Gylly at the time, so the opportunity was just too good to pass up. The geographical position and the perfect demographic of future friends existed on Gylly and I’d have been crazy not to pursue the opportunity.


I’ve been Stand Up Paddleboarding for 9 years now. I started in the surf when the band I was managing decided to dress up as Freddy Mercury and shoot a music video for charity… It was SO much fun and I was immediately hooked. Later down the line I discovered that Stand Up Paddleboarding was the most incredible method of keeping fit and exploring the Cornish coastline, secret beaches and forgotten creeks. That discovery totally revolutionised my life as a paddleboarder and led me to develop WeSUP as a lifestyle orientated business.


What’s the importance of fitness to enjoy the fun of paddleboarding?

Well, I guess if you are fit then exercise is always a little more fun which in turn will make you want to come paddling every single day possible. But although you don’t need to be fit at all to give SUP a go, you will fall in love with the sport if you are fit enough to paddle to the secret beaches for remote picnics, or visit the shipwrecks and sunken submarines. You’ll be able to keep up as we paddle through the creeks to find our exclusive wild camping spots and you’ll be able to join in with all of our super fun Club WeSUP fitness activities such as SUP Yoga, SUP interval training and our ultra-fun amateur race league.

WeSUP are offering St Michaels guests and gym members 20% discount on all 2017 early bird bookings for lessons, tours and group activities. Unfortunately, prices are increasing next season but all bookings and vouchers that are bought during November and December will be honoured. WeSUP will re-open on March 25th, 2017, and we’d love to see you!


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