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How to do a TRX row with Mike

In this post Mike breaks down how to do a TRX row, used in our ‘Suspend and Swing’ class, it’s great for building strength (and it’s pretty fun too!)

TRX row start position

Start with your arms extended and feet together. Keep your body in a straight line and draw your shoulder blades back.

TRX row second position

Start to pull your body towards the TRX handles, keeping your elbows in tight to your side

TRX row third position

Once at the top of the movement squeeze your back to increase muscle engagement

TRX row fourth position

Lower your body in a controlled manner

TRX row fith position

Make sure elbows are still tight to the body as your arms start to extend

TRX row last position

Once at the bottom of the movement (same as the start position) make sure to keep your body in a straight line and don’t let your hips sag back.

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