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Falmouth Oyster Festival | St Michaels Hotel and Spa

Falmouth Oyster Festival

To celebrate the start of oyster season, running from October to March, Falmouth puts on one of Cornwall’s biggest food festivals. Taking over Events Square each year, Falmouth Oyster Festival celebrates the delicious variety of Cornish seafood, and of course oysters.

The History of Falmouth Oyster Festival

Even though Oysters have quite the reputation of being a luxury seafood, this wasn’t always the case. Poorer villagers collected oysters for an inexpensive, accessible and nutritious food source. Oysters containing essential vitamins such vitamin A, B12 and a protein source, supplied the villagers nutrients that a poor diet could not. Unfortunately oyster beds were ruined as pollution and disease arrived, the lack of oysters forced them to become the luxury item that they are today. Luckily ancient laws that were used to protect the natural ecology of oysters are still followed in the Port of Truro Oyster Fishery, therefore engines are prohibited and instead traditional methods are used such as hand-pulled dredges and sail power.

Why Falmouth? Oysters are a large part of Falmouth’s heritage as Cornish families made a living from oyster dredging. Many of the oyster boats used were built in the boat yards surrounding River Fal, with the oldest boats dating back to 1860- with all this oyster history in Falmouth what better a place to host the annual Oyster Festival!

Oyster fishing

What to expect from falmouth oyster festival

To celebrate the start of oyster dredging season Falmouth brings a festival for everyone. Catering for the foodies, Falmouth Oyster Festival brings demonstrations from leading local chefs, children are entertained with shell painting and of course oyster and seafood lovers are spoiled for choice with marquees filled of Cornish produce.

The events of Falmouth Oyster Festival may vary each year but here’s what you can expect…

• Cornish seafood and culinary excellence: Watch cookery demonstrations from celebrity and leading local chefs for expert cooking tips

• Live music: Soak up the atmosphere with live music while visiting the ale and wine bars

• Falmouth Working Boat Race: Watch the old working boats compete in the Carrick Roads

• Arts, crafts and Cornish produce: Stroll around and discover the many Cornish produce, arts and crafts stalls throughout the festival

• Oyster shucking competition: Enjoy freshly shucked oysters

Falmouth Oyster Festival

Still haven’t had enough of oysters? Here’s some oyster trivia for you…

• The record for the most oysters eaten in 47 dozen in eight minutes

• Pearls are not found in edible oysters

• Humans have been eating oysters since prehistoric times

• Oysters don’t have a head or brain, only two nerve centres that control the mouth


We are so proud to be the main sponsors of Falmouth Oyster Festival for a number of years and look forward to celebrating this delectable delicacy every October!

For more information on Falmouth Oyster Festival click here!

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