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The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, the phrase you hate but love at the same time. These workouts not only burn more calories in less time, they are packed full of benefits for your health. Keep reading to find out more benefits of HIIT and one of our HIIT High Five workouts created by our expert team of personal trainers.


A word you hear from fitness magazines, personal trainers and gyms, but what actually is HIIT? It’s a technique where you give 100% effort in quick and intense bursts of exercise followed by a short recovery period which can be active such as a slow jog on the spot or resting. This keeps your heart rate up for the length of the workout while burning more fat in less time.

benefits of HIIT


hiit TAKES LESS time out of your day

Lets face it, it’s difficult to put time aside for a workout and often people end up putting exercise on the back burner. With HIIT you can dramatically reduce the time of your workouts but still get the effects. These types of workouts are ideal for people with a busy schedule, squeeze one of these in your lunch break or in the morning to give yourself a quick boost for the day.


You won’t be needing Netflix on in the background of these workouts, you’ll be challenged the whole time but for only a short period. This is the ideal workout to give anyone a challenge, even fitness fanatics will find this fast paced workout a challenge and the people new to fitness will start to see results quicker.


High intensity interval training produces extreme results and trains your body to go beyond what it could do before. A study published by The Journal of Physiology found after 8 weeks of HIIT people doubled the amount of time they could ride a bike while keeping the same pace.


HIIT doesn’t limit you to specific exercises, it can be done with weights, body weight or cardio- the choices are endless. You can choose exactly what you want to do in your workout based on how you are feeling at the time. Gone are the days of pushing yourself through an exercise you don’t enjoy.


Try our HIIT High Five workout in the gym to get you started, or grab one of our trainers to run you through the exercises and top form.

Have a specific goal in mind? Our team of personal trainers can help you achieve your goals, visit our personal trainers page to find out more.


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