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Top 5 Benefits of Spa Getaways

While ultimate relaxation and getting pampered are the most loved things about a spa getaway, there are many other benefits that come with visiting a spa. Not only improving your physical well being but also your mental and emotional well being.


It is widely known that people go for a spa getaway to escape and de-stress from daily life. However putting you in a relaxed state of mind is not the only benefit of spas, it can even reduce your chances of serious conditions such as heart disease.

Prevention of Health Problems

As discussed above, a spa getaway can reduce the chance of serious conditions but it can also work with preventing health problems too. Treatments focusing on anti-stress techniques aim to prevent people developing health problems in later life.

Improve Health and Fitness

Feeling like you’ve been slacking on your health routine? Don’t worry we all do it sometimes and that’s why spa getaways are so beneficial. A getaway can ‘reboot’ your healthy lifestyle by giving you a place with all health and well being facilities at your fingertips. St Michaels not only offers you a variety of spa treatments but also access to our brand new Health Club so you can work on your fitness too.

Improve your mental and emotional well being

Spa treatments allow you time to disconnect from technology and the outside world. It allows you to be in a safe, uninterrupted place where you can become present with your thoughts– something that is very rare in the busy world we live in today.

Better, deeper sleep

The more relaxed you are during the day, the better and deeper sleep you will have at night. You are disconnected from the worries of everyday life with a spa getaway and it allows you to wake up with a clearer, healthier and brighter mind.


Feel like you could use some of these benefits and escape from your busy life? Visit our spa breaks to see what St Michaels offers.

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