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Fitness Progress: Graham Mills’ Journey

Full of inspiration and motivation, read all about Graham Mills' fitness journey at St Michaels Health Club...

The Start of GRAHAM’s Journey

Looking back over the past three months since joining St Michaels Health Club I thought it worthwhile writing down my progress and perhaps to encourage those who may be considering taking a similar path towards greater fitness.

I decided that I had to do something drastic after being in a hurry and trying to run part way up High Street, Falmouth to buy a baguette. I only managed a few steps before having to stop – I was really unfit.  By coincidence, a few days later, a flyer from the health club arrived in the post and within a week I had bought some kit, been assessed by one of the trainers and had joined a gym for the first time in my life.  On my joining form I described my goals simply as a wish to ‘become fitter’.  Later I learnt this was a little naive as ‘fitness’ encompasses just about all the body’s related physiological processes, not just my inability to run through being unfit. What I really required was a whole body upgrade.

Graham’s Experience of fitness at St Michaels

As I walked into the gym for the first time it was really good to experience the friendly atmosphere.  All the staff I have met are happy to give advice, helpful and encouraging which has made me feel included. I had never used any training equipment before and I really like the way some equipment can be programmed to suit an individual’s capabilities and to simulate hilly terrain etc.

I noted within the first two weeks that my sleep pattern had changed to a good quality undisturbed 6-7 hours – wonderful.

Over the last four weeks I have tried beginner classes in spin and gig rowing which have been good, fun, cardio workouts and I will definitely keep these going.  I have found it more encouraging to train with a class as I feel more motivated to perform better.


After starting with 2 or 3 visits weekly, I now go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week keeping up my training regime.  I have improved on the initial targets set during my induction session and now set my own small incremental targets with weights and times etc.  I feel much stronger physically and enjoy all the activities I participate in.  One of my targets is to join more advanced training classes.

In retrospect, joining the health club has probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am looking forward to the next three months. I feel that my body has got the initial upgrade that was overdue. Oh, and running up High Street hill to the bakers – no problem, but I’ve cut down on the bread!

Written by Graham Mills

A big thank you to Graham for sharing his story with us! If you’re interested in sharing your fitness journey email our health club manager Pete on 

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