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Introducing Our Newest Spa Brand, Ishga.

With the launch of our Destination Spa approaching, we have teamed up with with leading organic seaweed based skincare brand Ishga to create a range of bespoke packages and products. Drawing upon the very best Mother Nature has to offer, these exciting treatments will launch to coincide with the opening of the new Spa.

The Benefits of Seaweed in Skincare

Seaweed has been used for centuries for its natural healing and therapeutic properties. It contains a high content of vitamins, minerals and powerful natural antioxidants that are considered essential for maintaining glowing skin. More recent scientific research shows the seaweed extract used to develop the products used in Ishga’s signature range preserves the skins natural collagen. Seaweed as the main active ingredient in cosmetics is said to help tighten and tone the skin, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, deep clean, and increase the skin’s moisture levels and elasticity. Seaweed is increasingly becoming a popular choice in Spa and Thalassotherapy. It is now being recognised for its ability to revitalise, repair and moisturise the skin, promoting a healthy, glowing appearance. Seaweed is also reputed to help with skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Seaweed is increasingly becoming a popular choice in Spa and Thalassotherapy and is now being recognised for its ability to revitalise, repair, and moisturise the skin promoting a healthy, glowing appearance. The mineral rich seaweed extract is carefully blended with cucumber extract, macadamia, jojoba, aloe vera and lemon peel so that your St Michaels Spa experiences will detoxify, nourish, firm and hydrate the skin delivering exceptional results with an environmental conscience.

About Ishga

Created by Hebridean Spa, Ishga has been developed by a team of people with a passion for creating the highest quality cosmetics. They have harnessed the natural anti-oxidant, healing and anti-ageing properties provided by the purest seaweed.

The Seaweed extract which forms the basis of the Ishga skincare range is unique. It’s produced by combining hand harvested seaweed with natural spring water, using a low temperature extraction process, to give an extract which is as pure as nature. The low temperature extraction ensures that all the goodness of the seaweed is maintained in the extract, whilst excluding non-beneficial compounds which can give rise to unpleasant odours. The resulting mineral rich extract is then blended with other carefully selected organic ingredients to create our skincare range.

The company uses the services of manual seaweed harvesters who cut the seaweed in designated areas. This pattern of work fits in well for the harvesters, as they often combine this work with the traditional activities of crofting and fishing. When the tide is out the seaweed harvester will first encircle the chosen cutting area with a rope or net and cut the seaweed within this area. When the tide comes back in, the seaweed floats to form a large circular bail which is then towed by a small boat to a sheltered area for loading onto a lorry. The seaweed is cut about 12 inches from the base and the stump that is left will then regenerate in 3-4 years. Individual cutters handle their own cutting areas and rotate the cutting areas to ensure sustainability.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Ishga to St Michaels Hotel and Spa and can’t wait to keep you all updated with the treatments we’ll be introducing using their revitalising products.

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