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Fitness Progress: Malcolm Moyle

Full of inspiration and motivation, read all about Malcolm's fitness journey at St Michaels Health Club...


I started using St Michaels approximately three years ago. I was always too self-conscious to step inside a gym, but the friendly atmosphere of fellow members and staff calmed any nerves and doubts that I originally had. My main goals were to improve my fitness levels so as to improve my football skills and to get stronger, in order to help me make my job as a Postman easier. I started to enjoy training and got a real buzz from noticing the results of regular gym sessions.

Unfortunately last August I injured my soleus muscle whilst playing football. Despite being concerned that this would diminish my motivation to train, I continued to attend St Michaels Health Club, and with advice from the Team I was able to recover quickly. They offered great insight using their vast sports knowledge and gave me strengthening exercises to practice for my rehabilitation. On top of this, they also provided me with some great nutritional recommendations which has helped me improve my eating habits greatly.

Although my original goals were to get fitter, once I stepped into St Michaels Health Club and began strength training, the improvements in both my abilities and body aesthetic made me want to push myself further to see what I could achieve.

Written by Malcolm

A big thank you to Malcolm for sharing his story with us! If you’re interested in sharing your fitness journey email our Health Club Manager Pete on 

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