The health benefits of our two steam rooms


Steam Room benefits

St Michaels Spa boasts two exciting themed steam rooms (enclosed spaces that are heated with steam), in the hydro-thermal experience.

One captures the essence of the tropics and the other is the world’s only Cornish sea salt steam room by Living Sea Therapy. Steam rooms are known to improve your health in several ways:

  1. Better circulation: Steam rooms are known to improves circulation and lower blood pressure, leading to a healthier heart and the promotion of healing broken skin tissue.
  2. Detoxify: Our environment can cause toxins to become trapped underneath your skin. The heat in steam rooms can help to open our pores and rinse away dirt and dead skin that may lead to breakouts.
  3. Improved immune system: Exposing your body to warm water stimulates leukocyles, which are cells that help to fight infection. As a result, regular use of steam rooms can give your bloodstream the immunity boost needed to keep sickness at bay.

Steam your way to a healthier you with our hydro-thermal experience, from £35pp. Please note that you should avoid heat treatments if you think you may be pregnant, have diabetes, or have circulation, heart, or respiratory problems.

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