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Fitness Classes

Boost your energy. Boost your vitality. Feel good again. With over 70 classes a week ranging from high intensity Les Mills™ Body Pump and Boxercise to the gentler Pilates or Yoga, there’s something here for you.

St. Michaels Hotel & Spa, Falmouth, Cornwall

Shape up, train up, move it up

With two new state of the art studios, you’ll be working out in one of the best facilities for health and fitness in Cornwall. Do as much as you like – we hold over 70 classes a week so you’ll leave our classes feeling challenged, motivated and ready to come back for more! Just click here for our full tariff.

Call 01326 312707 for more information about our classes or click to see our class timetable and our range of memberships.

To reserve any of our classes, please call the Reservations Team.


Join in this high-intensity group cycling in our
dedicated spinning studio, where the stationary
bike allows you to increase or decrease pedal
resistance. Keiser cycling is a terrific calorie burner,
getting your heart pumping and stimulating
the growth of lean muscle mass. Better still you
can set your own pace.


Combo of suspension training and kettlebell training
which challenges your body in unique and gravity defying
ways. Train your body through a great emphasis on
reactive core stability. You will build complete functional
strength whilst becoming flexible and supple in your
movement. The ‘cannon ball with a handle’ will not only
strengthen you through kinetic and posterior chain
development, but it will also give you lungs of steel!


Pilates Gentle

Choose from gentle or improved. Controlled,
precise movements with focus on the core
to improve posture. Pilates is an exercise system
that focuses on stretching and strengthening the
whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength
and flexibility. We offer both beginner and
advanced Pilates classes to suit your level of


Push through the pedals in Spin, then
build a stronger resistance using hand
held and body weights off the bike.

Yoga Flow

Work on freeing your mind and allowing
your soul to soften as you move through
this continuously flowing class. Combining
movement, high energy with deep breathing.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT.)
Short, sharp bursts of training allow
you to reach maximum training zones.


Aqua Circuits

Low impact, fun and friendly class, ideal for those
recovering from injury or needing the support of the
water to exercise. Working out in water means your
muscles are forced to work harder, burning more fat
and toning them up faster than land-based exercises.
Recommended for older people as the water gives
greater movement and flexibility. New mums and those
with lower back problems, taking pressure off the spine.

Yoga Beginners

Choose from Beginners or Advanced. Create
balance in your body and mind, while developing
both your strength and flexibility to improve
posture and mind. Yoga can also protect your
spine, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown,
increase your blood flow and improve bone health.
But overall it is a cleansing, relaxing, truly spiritual
experience – leave the world behind and
harmonise your mind, body and soul.

UPDATED Bodypump

The original weights class that builds strength, tones
your body, and pushes you to the limit every time.
Get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate
weights with lots of repetition, Bodypump™ gives you
a total body workout. Our fully trained instructors
will pump out encouragement and motivation to
great music – helping you achieve much more than
on your own.



An intense 30-minute team training session that
will blast all major muscle groups and take your
training to the next level.


Body Blast

High intensity, high cardio, high endurance work out.


Fun dance-fitness class, incorporating Latin and world styles,
creating a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout.




A form of cross training combining boxing movements
and aerobics. Smash through your fitness goals whilst
gaining confidence and achieving a fitness level that
keeps you fighting fit throughout your workout career.
This intense cardio workout includes shadow-boxing,
skipping, hitting pads, kicking punch bags, press-ups,
shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Boxercise is a great full body
workout and perfect for toning.

UPDATED Bodaybalance

Strengthen your entire body and leave the class
feeling calm and centred. The yoga-based class that
will improve your mind, your body and your life.
An inspirational soundtrack plays as you bend and
stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and
embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing
control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will
always provide options for those just getting started.

Body Attack

Sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength
and stamina. This high-energy interval training class
combines athletic aerobic movements with strength
and stabilization exercises.



R.I.P.P.E.D 1

Resistance. Intervals. Plyometrics. Power. Endurance.
Distance. Push, pull, twist, lunge, squat and jump your
way into better fitness! Multi-directional movement
working all the major systems of the body. Expect a
highly motivational and energising session that uses
your body weight as well as bar bell and hand held
weights. RIPPED ensures your muscles receive a total
workout whilst maximising your fitness potential.
Make it as intense as you like – it’s for all fitness levels.

UPDATED Bodycombat

Punch and kick your way to fitness. High-energy martial
arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Release
stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. Bring your best
fighter attitude and leave inhibitions at the door!


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