Release the tensions and purify the skin

The remedy to stress, allowing you to unwind and indulge.

These body treatments incorporate our popular product partners including Elemis, Natural Spa Factory, Ishga and Natura Bissé, to ensure you leave feeling good again.

St Michaels Couples Massage

Ideal for both couples and friends.

Choose from a relaxing or deep pressure massage. The calm, tranquil atmosphere will leave you refreshed and renewed.

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £130

Muscle Repair Massage & Mud

Aimed at relieving pains and aching muscles, this treatment effectively soothes away sore and aching muscles.

Heated Parafango mud which is formulated with paraffin to create a mini-sauna is applied to the targeted area of the body. The treatment finishes with a body massage using a self-heating balm to soothe muscles. This treatment has been exclusively developed for St Michaels Spa.

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £65

Diamond Experience Rose Massage

Take a journey through an unprecedented sensory experience.

Enjoy a smoothing and nourishing exfoliation followed by a regenerating massage with the exquisite absolute Damask rose oil that will transport you to a complete state of relaxation and well-being.

Time: 90 minutes | Price: £120

Lomi Juma Massage

Restore your inner balance with a fusion of massages inspired by different techniques.

This protocol improves microcirculation, unblocks your joints and relaxes your muscles while restoring your physical and mental well-being. 

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £80

Quiro Golf

Discover a luxurious 100% golf experience.

Using Natura Bissé products, the Quiro Golf sports massage is ideal for relaxing the body through techniques and products that target tension and sore muscles. 

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £80

Poultice Powered Muscle Release

This invigorating and deeply releasing treatment by Elemis works away aching and sore muscles.

Each area of tension is specifically targeted with the unique amber and quartz poultice to dissolve
knots and ease tensions. The treatment is completed with a restorative facial massage. 

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £69