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Get Back On Track with Health and Fitness

6 Ways to Get Back on Track

Everyone falls off track with their health and fitness and that’s okay. You need a break. This gives you an opportunity to reinvent the way you see health and fitness. Admittedly this can be hard, sofa living and takeaways sounds more desirable than getting up for the gym at 7am and tucking into a green smoothie. But believe us when we say you will feel so much better for it!

Everyone needs a bit of push and motivation to start up that healthy living again and we’re here to help with 6 Ways to Get Back on Track.

1. Schedule your workouts

The hardest part of getting back on track is actually getting to the gym. The gym itself is a breeze compared to the motivation you need to get up and go. Everyone has a busy life and finding time to workout can be challenging. The best thing to do is schedule workouts in your day like a meeting- something you can’t miss and have already planned out time in your day for. Sit down with a glass of wine and your diary on a Sunday evening and schedule each workout of the week, whether your working out 2 or 6 days a week- seeing it in your diary will make you more likely to go.

 2. Mix it up

Getting bored with your workout is a massive demotivator. Workouts should be fun and mixing up the exercises in your routine is crucial for both mind stimulation and physical progress. We’ve followed Les Mills and their approach with our fitness classes by mixing up our moves and music every quarter to ensure people don’t get bored and keep seeing progress. Have a look at our Fitness Class Timetable here to check out what classes we offer.

Les Mills

 3. Don’t go cold turkey

New Years usually brings a complete revamp of our diet and exercise regime. However this often leads to an ‘all or nothing’ approach resulting in cake cravings and the like. Think of a more sustainable approach to healthy eating as a 90% and 10% split between healthy wholesome foods and ‘treat’ foods. You deserve a treat with hard work and completely eliminating all ‘unhealthy’ foods will only lead to a massive junk food binge. If you want a treat, have a treat.     

Health Eating

4. Meal plan

Food shopping is full of temptations, if your on a budget and want to keep the basket as healthy as possible it’s always useful to choose which meals you want to cook for the week before you go shopping. Plan your meals, then write a list of ingredients needed in addition to your usual items. This will help you stick to a list and you will be less likely to stray away.

5. Try a personal trainer

Finding someone to push and motivate you is key in keeping up your exercise regime. A personal trainer is not only a scheduled workout but teaches you correct form and can set a structured plan of exercises if you are undecided on what is best. Our personal training offers a variety of packages for individual sessions, group sessions and even wedding preparation. If your interested you can read more details of our packages here.

6. Social trAining

As mentioned above, workouts need to be fun. Although many people don’t find the idea of 50 jump squats appealing, doing your workout in a group makes it less of a ‘chore’ where you can compete and make it fun. Our social training package allows you to save money on personal training sessions in a group, check our prices out here.

We hope these 6 tips help get you back on track, good luck!





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